Julie has been meditating, practicing mindfulness in various forms and undertaking her own personal growth since 2000. She has been designing and leading courses, workshops and training for the last 15 years in confidence building, communication skills, mindfulness and the natural world. A graduate of Jan Day’s School of Being, Julie has assisted Jan in her workshops and trainings over the last three years, and is a School of Being Teacher. She offers classes and workshops to groups and coaching to individuals and couples.


Julie says, “I have experienced the most profound shifts in my consciousness, healing and growth through Jan’s work. Along with other mindfulness based therapies and conscious movement practices, this work has brought me home to myself. After years without personal power or clarity, having experienced abusive relationships, I now feel comfortable and joyful in my own skin, making more loving choices for myself and meeting others feeling safe and free.


If you want to create and live your life to the full and explore the potential of human experience more deeply, then come and explore this work. This is school - the School of Being - we are learning in a very experiential way how to have more loving, meaningful, satisfying lives and relationships. I believe in facilitation and in teaching useful skills that anyone can use to live a healthier more loving and love-filled life.

So you can shine!”


What people say:

"Julie has an amazing ability to gently yet thoroughly hold the space for me to learn, release and grow. Enabling and empowering me in the moment to see and release whatever is blocking me. She creates a safe space for me to explore and contact my inner knowing and guidance. I can't thank her enough for her intuitive guidance to my place of healing. She steadily brings me back to centre." W.D.

"Julie has a true gift for both bringing strength and softness in equal measure to any groups or individuals she is working with. I've seen her many times hold space with such grace and presence. She always brings authenticity, non-judgement and care to everyone she interacts with. It's very inspiring!" M.M.

"Julie has a beautiful, empathetic, supportive and nurturing presence. Warmth, acceptance and compassion shine from deep within her and I am so very grateful for her inspired wisdom, help and guidance." S.S.